Easy, Multi, Tasty

The Enjoy Life concept is all about selling more fresh potatoes to the young generation, by

  • Using communication that matches the target group
  • Avoiding disappointment by delivering consistent quality
  • Using better shelf life packaging
  • Selecting special potato varieties
  • Packing according to quality and grading specifications
  • The first easy choice in fresh potatoes focusing on generation Y
  • Better shelf life due to packaging type = less wastage
  • 360° communication = strong brand connection = more repeat purchase
  • Attractive design for striking in-store promotion and an attractive Fruit & Vegetable shelf

Fine-tuning Enjoy Life together

We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and ideas with you. Together we can finalize the optimal Enjoy Life fresh potato concept for your country or retail channel.

B-to-C Communication

We will develop detailed consumer marketing communication together with you to fit to your needs and making all the cultural adaptations for a maximum impact.