Easy, Multi, Tasty

The Enjoy Life concept is developed from trends in food and research on generation Y.

Why focus on Generation Y?

Because it’s our new generation consumers! The young people, the students, the young professionals and young families, more or less in the age of 20 till 35. Also known as generation Y or the Millennials.


In 2015, the Y-generation represents 15% of the total European population! That’s a huge potential of customers for potatoes. Although 91% of them say they love the taste of fresh potatoes, 82% of them eat less than two meals a week with fresh potatoes.

So... what about this Generation Y?

Who are they and how can you reach them?
They are:

  • Conscious & Realistic
  • Me-centric, they feel important
  • Interactive
  • Smart
  • Visual

So, a brand should:

  • Be open &emp; honest and deliver fair products.
  • Give them a product which fits their needs and takes away their ‘fresh potato frustrations’.
  • Connect online and look for co-creation possibilities.
  • Give open, honest and interesting information.
  • Create an attractive design with clear visual information and less text.

How to help Generation y with fresh potatoes?

Fresh potato frustrations
Enjoy life solutions
Helping with information
‘How to cook potatoes?’
On pack tips & tricks + great website
‘What’s the cooking time?’
Small grading range + timing info
‘Potatoes are fattening!’
Nutritional information
Helping with convenience
‘I don’t want to peel potatoes’
Thin skin & no residues for skin-on use
‘I can’t store potatoes at home’
Packaging with better shelf life
Helping with connection
‘I don’t think about potatoes’
Attractive brand + vegetable shelf placement
‘Potatoes are boring!’
Fun, fast & easy recipes + Pick-a-Person App